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Hi, I'm Raluca

Daring entrepreneur, resilient manager, passionate coach, proud wife and happy mother.

Growing up in a small city in Romania, I always knew that when I will grow up I would be working somehow towards helping other people. I started working in high school, when I was only a teenager and never stopped since then.

I was a waitress, a sales representative, assistant manager, HR responsible and then with all my previous experience I started my own business.

In 2012, together with my husband, we opened our first franchise restaurant and currently I am managing all our six restaurants, continuing to develop the network.

I am also an investor and consultant in several other businesses but I found my true love in coaching. This is what brings the most joy to my professional life. I know the perspective of an employee but also the challenges of the employer.

As the wife of an entrepreneur I am quite familiar with the challenges that this brings into a couple's relashionship.

Being the mother of three beautiful boys I know how hard it can be to find balance between work and family, but I believe that everything is possible as long as you really want it to happen.


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